Louise Ramos | DIY: How To Make A Zine
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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DIY: How To Make A Zine

How To Make A Zine

Ever wondered what is a zine? Or say, how to make one? Click read more as I’ve made this one more infographic-y and collage-y. LOL. And check the zine I’ve published over at Issuu!

How To Make A Zine 1

How To Make A Zine 2

How To Make A Zine 3

How To Make A Zine 4

Here’s a link on how you could make your own handmade zine with a piece of paper: How To Make A Zine by Rookie. I could explain it here but Rookie Mag explains it so much better. Doing the content thing is practically making a collage in book form, with more texts. But it’s so cool how you fold the paper and *tada* it’s a book! LOL. Here’s a gif of the content of my zine, Of Art & Travel, and embedding it via Issuu too so you could read it if you want to.


I’m honestly having lots of fun making these, because lately, I spend a lot of time on Issuu, reading other’s works. And looking at good layouts! I probably would make a lot more. I haven’t got a mother’s day gift yet so I might make a zine for my mom before the weekend too.

One thing I got from the workshop was to not overthink. Don’t overthink that you can’t make one–“I’m not artsy.”, “What do I write about?”, “No one’s going to read it.” We all have those thoughts. And if we just push those things aside, you’ll be surprised what wonderful pieces you can make. Call a zine an indie magazine–since very few know about it and how they’re not publicized–but there’s always something more special in things off the mainstream. Because you know it’s also special to the one who made it as well.

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