Louise Ramos | Currently Vol. 32 + Giveaway Winner!
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol. 32 + Giveaway Winner!

Currently Vol.32

It’s far from Sunday but I missed writing this, and YAS! AM BACK! Because done with school. Forever. (Claiming it!) + finally announcing the giveaway winner at the end of this post. So so sorry for announcing the winner late. But again, YAS! I can’t explain how happy I am from right after submitting my final requirement in my uni life, ever, and still happy now. It’s already been 2 days, guys, okay?! Is this real? Really want to thank everyone who wished me good luck here on the blog (though I haven’t replied to all of ’em, huhu, no other reason but katamaran ko and the kunwaring hiatus for productivity), I want to hug everyone! Sending virtual xoxos instead!


  • (RE)READING Me Before You before it hits the big screen. And Flipped. To the list of books I need to read and shows I have to watch: I’m coming for you!
  • WRITING this, duh, and fixing Hey Kessy’s Instagram tracker. Werq werq werq werq werq… And OMG *shameless plug* Hey Kessy is now open (again!) in UP Town Center! We’re at the 2nd floor of the new wing, Urban Turf area. Do drop by if you’re near. First photo is that of the new store! I’ll be stocking some of my works there too, soon. Just need to fix with suppliers and printers and all that. Huhu, so happy for Kessy and Mansy Abesamis! One of my best decisions to go through with this opportunity despite being in my last semester.
  • LISTENING to Oasis by A Great Big World. Just having my Spotify saved songs on shuffle. And clicking next if a sad song plays. Because happy me needs happy tempo-ed songs!
  • THINKING so much. I have so many things I want to do! So many places I want to go to. So many photos and backlogs to edit and write. But first I’ll write this then eat breakfast. One thing at a time. + I want to open my new gouache set. My reward to myself for a semester well done.
  • SMELLING bed smell? Aircon smell? Why isn’t there breakfast yet smell?
  • WISHING I magically drop 10 pounds before grad ball! But here I am waiting for breakfast. Lyf~~~
  • HOPING Visas get approved. Is the Korean embassy strict in visa applications? I mean, my mom’s not worried but I just really need this trip to happen. In other news, I finally have time to plan an itinerary! But it sucks that the AirBnb I wanted was already booked; not expecting much from the hotel since the floor area seems small. Then again, visas first.
  • WEARING black shirt, running shorts. Woke up at 6am to run because the weather’s so good! But only did 3k because I realized midway that I just want to sleep again. K me.
  • LOVING freedom. Living funemployed! Well, until after the board exams.
  • WANTING to paint today. And swim! Then binge watch dramas later in the afternoon. This is real productivity.
  • NEEDING to clean my room, though. My school activity is directly related to how messy my room is. So after everything that is this semester, no one dare enters my room.
  • FEELING happy, shalalala. Srsly.
  • CLICKING CRS for grade submissions, lol. And will finally open Bloglovin’ after n weeks. YAS!

And I will be ranting some more because I really miss typing non thesis related things. Bear with me, or not, it’s alright! 11000+ words of academic sht on my manuscript got me cray and sent me away from my virtual world, so here’s a roundup of how my month has been. As per usual, ups and downs and everything in between.


Plugging again: there’s also murals all over UPTC’s new wing. Some are still in the works, but seriously, you should check them out! All the painting on scaffoldings to reach the ceiling was worth it. The past month has all been worth it!

And no, I did not forget: GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!

To everyone who joined my Unlined and Beyond Giveaway, thank you! Hugs again to all of you! I’ve been writing here for more than a year now, and it’s brought me so much: opportunities, new friends, sanity, and definitely got me to keep on making and creating. Plus, I got back to coding which is nerd me ❤️!

Giveaway Winner2

Back to giveaway: Congratulations to Dahrren Dominguez! Above are the things included in the giveaway set. DM me in Instagram (or email me at contact@louiseramos.com) the postcard set of your choice, and your shipping details (full name, place of shipment, contact number).
I wish I could send each one who joined the giveaway a gift, but I can only promise to have more giveaways. Picked the winner through Rafflecopter as well, all random and all that.

Will be back to regular posting now (and/or after the legit grad), so yay! Just wishing hindi na ko tamad. Always gotta hustle!

Stay Golden

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