Louise Ramos | #WRULou: When In Manila
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: When In Manila

WRULou When In Manila

Lately I’ve been spending my time in Manila: U-Belt and the old Manila area, stuck in a review center during the weekends. (Undergraduate–check, board exam–meeeh, lots of time for that pa.) And honestly, I am not fond of the place. It’s crowded, masikip, dirty, and I’ve always been terming it as “sketchy”. No offense to anyone who resides there–I’m just unaccustomed as I always compare it to where I stay in QC, or more frequently, UPD. It’s now that I’m graduating that I’m appreciating how lush and green UP is! But sunflowers, I’m still coming for you! *OMG less than a week, I cray*

Anyway, it’s also recent that I had a course requirement to explore Manila. As part of my ~hassle~ SEA 30 class. Now I’m looking back at my photos from a few months ago, trying to convince myself to find beauty in things I label to be unlikely. (PS This will be more of an Intramuros photowalk.)



We got to go to different temples (as we’re studying Southeast Asian beliefs and religions at that time), then National Museum for some culture and maybe a bit of history as well. I took some photos just for the sake of it, and throwing them here as a photo dump.








Also, did I mention I rode the Pasig River ferry?! Haha. For someone who always finds fault in the Philippine transportation system (top reason why I chose to be in the transpo group for my thesis), I’m amused. Hopefully, I’ll get to explore more of this area–maybe find some hidden gems along the way. Recommend any restos or coffee shops near? Somewhere I could kill time?

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