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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Everland Photo Diary

Seoul Everland0

Finally! The first of my many Seoul photo diaries which would probably take forever to finish. (Life update: upped from an intern to being part of Hey Kessy’s marketing team and managing HK’s social media. Like gaaah!! But that + fake reviewing for the board exams + taking on the challenge to be a Pokemon master, *evil laughs and cries*, is taking its toll on my better-than-the-real-one online life~ And I thought my last semester in uni was hard. LOL. I just want to say, I miss you blog. Like how do you guys juggle everything?! Like how to be Camie Juan po? HAHA #bloggergoals) Pushing all my side stories aside, things are still yay. And what’s better than yay? KoreYAY! K. I’ll hide now.

Seoul Everland2

First off is Everland! Like the real immature-but-shamelessly-trying-to-adult person that I am, of course, I’m choosing a theme park first to cross off my list. (And because it has the least photos when I sorted everything out. Yup, the 70+ filtered photos here will be minimum. I’m surprised my camera even survived this trip!)

Seoul Everland1

We bought our park tickets pre-trip. Got them off Funko: Funtastic Korea. Totally recommend them! Prebooking saves you a lot of money! Original tickets are ₩52000 (≈P2200) per person for a whole day pass, but buying from Funko, it’ll only cost ₩35000 (≈P1500)! They also have packages including shuttle services to and from Everland; which is what we got. Everland’s in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. And it takes more than an hour to get there from the city, a.k.a. parents didn’t want to commute so early in the morning, lol. Travelling with the fam issues. Ticket with transfers is ₩47000 (≈P1980) per head. Still cheaper than the walk-in price of tickets alone! They’ll be emailing QR codes of your entrance passes after verification of your transaction. Like everything’s so digital! 😍 Can I just go back there now pls?

Seoul Everland3

Seoul Everland4

There was light rain showers early in the morning so small puddles and all, but I didn’t mind the cooler weather. Because for real, their summer is almost just as hot as ours! Atleast we’ve pack light! But best be sure to check the incoming weather online or through all those apps before your travel. Obsessed with the weather check, because kinda paranoid of losing even a day, because also kinda obsessed with Korea. 😂

Seoul Everland5

Seoul Everland6

Everland’s like a Theme Park x Zoo. There’s lotsa rides, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on the animals, too. The Safari ride was daebak! We were with 5 year olds but what the heck!

Seoul Everland7

Seoul Everland8

Seoul Everland9

Their landscaping is just wow! Not just here, but like, everywhere! You’d expect greens to be meeh, okay in a city like theirs but everything’s so lush! How do you grow gardens like theirs? I can’t even keep a cactus alive. Also, we were walking a lot. So sort of making taking photos of flowers as an excuse to take walk breaks. Heh.

Then the parade started, and kaiyak yung ganda ng costumes pls. Finally! Costumes that are not Mickey, or Belle’s gown, or anything that’s like twice the size of the human inside it. (No offense to Disney. ILY! You introduced me to Cole Sprouse. ❤️)
If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m a sucker for costumes, been making them since grade school (because my school is weird that way), and I have a frustration with owning a damn good sewing machine. I have one but it has less stitching options. My mom insists on buying a GOOD one, but I always tell her not to; that I’m not gonna use it all the time, sayang lang, takes up space, blahblahblah, because I WILL seriously have life crisis na nun. Another bakit nga ba ulit ako nag-engineering phaseee. Kaloka ka lyf. Moving on,

Seoul Everland10

Seoul Everland11

Seoul Everland12

Seoul Everland13

No photos of the parade. Boo! Because there was a water show. The only time summer becomes a bummer. Because the cam I brought for Everland wasn’t waterproof. And because di parin ako makagetover sa ganda nung costumes, I was basically just staring. But so happy to know they have a parade at noon and not just at closing time.

We met up with our parents again for a very late lunch at the Holland Village after. Which is like real picturesque! Eye candy colors like a paint swatch sheet! Bought a sausage platter, and took out what’s rest of our takeaway kimbap and mandu which I bought from Kimbap Cheongug before leaving. (Yes, you can bring packed food inside the park. Also, food ain’t as expensive inside as in other theme parks like in HK or SG. Just so you know. LOL) Kimbap Cheongug is a 24/7 kimbap chain with lotsa branches all over, so we had options aside from the convenience store (which I still love though) for our 3 am I’m hungry snack run. Because messed up body clock; and “Hi!” from me typing this at 1:27 am with a box of Koko Krunch as my bed companion! But also, trying not to post food photos because editing them makes me so hungry. I hate me when I’m hungry.

Seoul Everland14

Seoul Everland15

Kind of just realized I didn’t have pictures of the rides and all that, too. Prolly because I was too busy riding ’em. (Fact: I’ve never had any motion sickness. Ever. So I’m like all g for all rides! Or my brother insists na borderline masochist or trying to kill myself lang daw ako. Well in my defense, if it doesn’t make your heart flutter, or stop, it’s not worth it. Char. Ramos. 2016. Ang dami kong alam, 4am na. HAHA)
The Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, and Rolling X-Train were my faves! And I rode them consecutively kasi walang pila! (There were really just a few people during our visit to begin with) OH, THE JOYYY!

Seoul Everland16

Oh! And we paid extra for a hologram show. Which was so cool! It was a hologram performance by G Dragon, and parang private concert okay?! Kunwaring kalma lang ako. Not a K-Pop fan, more on dramas and reality TV shows gal, pero legit, didn’t even know holograms were that real. Like where is the projector? Why does it look so reaaal?! In short, kung si Ryu Jun Yeol or Lee Jong Suk yung lumabas dun, I’m probs dead. Happy dead, though. That would have been a very happy death!

Seoul Everland17

My camera battery died on me by 4 pm. So I just rode a few more rides, while my brother stares at me in disbelief. We caught the shuttle back at 6:30pm; by this time, our legs were jelly and we were all asleep on the ride home. Then took another short subway ride back to our hotel. Rested a little, but mostly just looked for my smaller spare camera from my luggage–which I had no plans of unpacking, and left the fam and headed out to Dongdaemun at 8:20 pm. My ultimate go to place during my stay in Seoul! But more on that next time!

Get to know more of Everland from their official site, www.everland.com
Park hours: 10am to 10pm.

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