Louise Ramos | The Sunday Currently Vol. 33
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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The Sunday Currently Vol. 33


This Sunday (this long weekend, actually) consists of me doing a lot of productive (?) things that stalls me from doing the real productive things that I need to get done. In short, I was once again ~semi useless~. Emphasis on just semi!

So, what delaying tactics were up my sleeve this time?



1 Blog revamp – I did not need it. I just wanted to. Hayz, but yayz! I’m really liking how it’s looking so far. Tweaking a few more things + spent some precious time coding against scroll issues and then decided to just go with the “Older Posts” button. Then I have page ideas popping in at 4am (like Photo Mapping omg, on the process of learning how and sampling now! Why does reviewing codes and HTML excite me so huhu). And despite me loving the brain boost–I really need the boost somewhere else. *Ehem, review for boards, ehem*


2 Hey Kessy drama mode and finishing up tasks before I leave. Officially leaving Kessy because I have to set my priorities straight. 62 days ’til the CE board exam! (And not even 6.2% done of the things I need to study crey) Taking an art break, but I know it’ll always be there for me to come back to anyway. On the upside, I can finally post my personal art here again! Yay for making art for just me! Sending all my love to the Kessy Team though. And I’ll prolly be 1000x more emotional tomorrow on my last shoot.


3 Real emotional drama mode. Kdrama mode. *facepalms*
I’m watching too much. And it’s soooo bad.
(On the radar every day: Moon Lovers, Love in the Moonlight, and Drinking Solo for MT; Jealousy Incarnate, W, and the just finished (huhu ugly crying) Uncontrollably Fond for WTh; then Cinderella and the Four Knights for FS; and my constant Running Man for Sunday nights.) Yes, I’m watching all of that on a regular thing! Now I’m realizing that’s 15 hours a week of television. Wtf?! I think somebody needs to block all these Kdrama sites off me. But after Wednesday nalang. Have to watch the last episode of W because emotionally invested in that one. Always emotionally invested for LJS.


4 Talking ’bout Korea, new Korea trip post is up! It’s a travel guide too for anyone going there soon! Check it out here: 5 Apps You Need for Your Trip to Seoul + 5-Day Itinerary.

5 Updated all my phone apps and cleaned my hard drive. I even got to place tags in my file folders. LOL. Really pushing my procrastinating skills here.


6 Been moving everyday again–even if it’s just lifting weights, morning Pilates, or jump roping while watching said dramas. I used to be so consistent! Since having eye problems (and restricted contact lens use), I stopped the regular exercise because I hate sweating with glasses on. Though I’m slowly getting back on track. Guilty of pigging out a lot.


7 Made a list of my to-do list for the next day (everyday) without really accomplishing my to-do list for that day. Get it? The ultimate fake productivity hack.

Just noticed too how I haven’t written a TSC in a while. So I’m typing one now because it’s Sunday! And obviously doing this so I don’t have to feel guilty for not studying rn. There goes No. 8 item on my list.


  • READING review materials and notes. Books containing too much x and ys and Greek letters. 😓
  • WRITING notes again. (Well, this is turning out to be a suck-y Sunday currently)
  • LISTENING to Naive by The Kooks. Always been a fave. Some retro songs are on my playlist lineup rn.
  • THINKING how to consistently get my mind running. Apparently, Googling “How to stay focus” doesn’t help much.
  • SMELLING my usual. Coffee. (Woop, I think I have No. 9 on my things I did blah blah. I watched so many videos and researched on how to make a cold brew, and been making sets of it this week! Hah! I love how my mom’s friends always gift her with good coffee beans, and I get to use them. Somebody gift her with a good presser now!
  • WISHING I can plug in an external hard drive in my brain for all these ebooks and formulas.
  • HOPING to be real (4 real!) productive this week. Please, self.
  • WEARING grey tank top, fave boxers, my bed’s sheets. 😂
  • LOVING that I get to write for my own blog again. (But still, do check out some stuff I did for blog.heykessy.com. We’ve got new DIYs, and a lot more coming up!)
  • WANTING to furniture shop. LOL so titaaa. I used to do appliance and interior checks for my dad during the summer for his construction projects, and missing my usual trip to Wilcon and hardwares.
  • NEEDING to finish atleast 2 more lectures today.
  • FEELING. Well I ain’t feeling pressured and that’s bugging me.
  • CLICKING at www.manrepeller.com. I just randomly ran through it in the web recently and loving the Rookie magazine vibes I get from the site!
    • If you’ve read this through, here’s a “click” reward. (The final and 10th thing I’ve done to procastinate!) I wanted to keep it to myself for less competition (LOL self, I hate me a lot of times), but check out Radisson Blu‘s MASSIVE giveaway: Radisson Blu Paper City! If the heavenly gods favor your not so heavely self, or if you’re like really really lucky, you might just be able to get yourself a FREE TRIP AROUND THE WORLD! Contest ends on October 12, hurry!

Crossing fingers that I get to check things off my legit to-do list this time ’round! And you’ll be seeing me on this space a lot again. Heh. Back to regular typing! 💕


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