Louise Ramos | Art Lately: September
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Art Lately: September


It’s been a while since I posted stuff from my sketchbook. Or what my hands have been up to lately. It’s just so hard to make time for things that matter personally, but not existentially–like those that reaaaally matter, lol. I find myself feeling guilty when I draw because I usually don’t notice the time and take up a whole day doing so. But I needed the break (and also because Photoshop will never beat my old school paper and pen).


Was wasting myself some precious time in National Bookstore (slash my tambayan, heh) and buying myself a binder and some highlighters for my review. And as per usual, I wouldn’t just get what I needed when I’m in a bookstore–I got myself a cutting mat, some books, and more fineliners (as if I don’t have enough already!)

But let’s give emphasis on the cutting mat. This is almost always sold out everywhere, so when I saw one, I immediately grabbed it. I’ve had an X-Acto knife from long before but never really got to use it that much because I didn’t have a cutting surface. (So sorry to the floor tiles I always cut away on) And finally tried Papercutting! Verdict: stress-relieving AND stress-inducing! Haha. I did enjoy trying it out, and made myself lotsa paper flower cut-outs, but the too-many-details-oh-sht-that’s-not-supposed-to-be-cut-out ain’t for me. I’d still do it from time to time though! I love how the papercut pieces from my scratch watercolor swatches turned out! I even stuck some to my sketchbook. I haven’t tried a new art form in a while, and it was nice to do something new. I want to try pottery next! (Well after board exam that is. I’m scared I’ll like this one.) Who knows any good place to go to for that?


I also had to rely on my trusty watercolor when I needed a review sanity break. I’ve had a lot I didn’t get to post because I did them for a brand, but finally getting to fix up some personal pieces again–most of them are on my school notes!

Also, I did a piece for This Is Clover!

It was published way back but never got the chance to share it. Check it out here: With Love, Smart Daughter. The poem alongside my watercolor is by Cidee Despi. ❤️ This Is Clover is an online magazine branding on music, literature, and the arts. Three things I love! Their content is wow! I love browsing through online publications, and so so grateful to be featured in one.

Can’t believe September’s almost over. And I really have to wake up by the time September ends… because gaaah, that’s one month away from my board exam. Hayz. 😂




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