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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Life Lately + A Downloadable Planner


*Electronically hugs this website* I miss you, my digital world!
After two full months of another MIA hiatus, I don’t even know what to type anymore. This page has been reeking of *kroo kroo* and *krooooos some more* and all I’ve left are promises that  I would be posting photo diaries and travel logs and all those other blahs I’ve said and left hanging. (Hayz, @me.) But hey, finally back (again!), and giving a quick recap of my October and November before I go scroll endlessly through Bloglovin’. 🙃

Not interested in my life? 😂 Skip through my blabbing and scroll through the end because I have a I’m-sorry-for-letting-this-site-almost-die downloadable/printable! (Also because YAS! Finally have time to waste in Photoshop again!)


Writing these in bullets because life was semi-boring. (Pero as usual, I won’t utilize the bulletness kasi ang dami kong say that it’ll look like paragraphs. It me.)

  • A straight month of studying! (Eww. I know.) And lived in coffee shops, and gulped down maybe too much coffee, and practically gone way more Lorelai Gilmore than Lorelai Gilmore herself! But it all paid off–finally an engineer! (And finally on vacay mode–before I cry myself into adulting, that is.)
  • Just had another episode of my corneal erosions a week after board exam and I’m just wtf-life-ayaw-ba-talaga-nang-world-na-maging-stress-free-ako. I’ve had this condition for 2 years now, and was so scared of having my eyes operated on, but finally agreed to do it in a few weeks.
    I’ve had these eye pains I call my “episodes” and they come randomly like the shit they are, and it would be so painful that I won’t be able to open my eye for a day or more. (Catch up on zzzs, though) Then *tada*, the day after, it’ll be like nothing happened. Sobrang wtf lang lagi every after erosion episode.
    Subconsciously waiting for my mom to tell me “O ayan, sa kakacomputer mo!” LOL. But fingers crossed nalang and buti nalang gwapo yung assistants (yes, more than one) sa eye clinic ko. HAHA. (And laughing para kunwari hindi ako takot.)
  • What welcomed me home after boards was a house under construction. And that makes me soooo happy! Ang babaw, pero yay. Repainted my brother’s room and varnished the flooring and inhaled paint fumes all week. (Which may also be the reason why my eye decided to fuck up again. Kaloka.)
  • Back to editing Korea photobooks and guides. And I miss KR everyday.
    But putting off my travel logs a bit because… I’m making a new zine! (Sneak peek on the photo below) I’ve been drawing and writing offline the whole review period as “study breaks”, and making my publishing dreams come true with this small book (40 pages wooo) on whatnots–much like and very much inspired by No Filter by The Sandbox Collective (grab a copy of that if you haven’t! READ IT TOO MANY TIMES AND THE MONOLOGUES ARE SO REAL, THEY HURT!)

    If you want to make your own zine, check this out: How To Make A Zine.


  • That’s that and honestly don’t have my life sorted out right now. Like, what do I do? What now? How to get a job? Where do I get one? Sino willing maghire ng semi-lokalokaAno na @self?
    Not to mention, 2016 was shit–feminism, Duterte, Marcos, social media kabobohan, and shut up na muna ako kasi if I start, I won’t stop, because ~feelings~. Daming ganap!
    And I’ve got a lot of pieces I’ve left that I have to pick up, so maybe starting there.
  • Cut to the thing you probably scrolled here for: Here’s a downloadable I’ve done recently to get me back on track: Get Things Done List (A5 size) and Weekly Hustle Planner (A4 size).
    You can print it too–and hope it helps!






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