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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Singapore Street Art Guide & Art Photowalk

A typical Singapore trip would include a visit to Gardens by the Bay or a whole day in Universal Studios and Sentosa, but if you’re looking to feed yourself some art and culture, walking around Singapore’s neighborhoods looking for little surprises in the streets–like a colorful mural, a quaint coffee shop, or a local bookstore–is the way to go.

SG has always struck me as a very contemporary artsy place. It’s such a good place to feed inspiration from. I just love seeing colorful walls, murals, and open restos! I’ve always wanted to try out speed drawing during one of my trips and where better to do it than in Singapore? With my trusty Adidas, backpack slung on my shoulders, and in very comfy clothes, I did an art photowalk for a day. I was only able to cover a few of the places I wanted to visit (bec I spent so much time in book and art store stop-overs and eventually have my hands full with shopping bags that I can’t draw and take photos anymore, oops). Never the less, it was really fun and worth all the switching from camera to pencil and back. Here’s some snippets of my notebook and shots for that day.

1. Little India

Nearest Station: Little India
Start at Buffalo Road where the market is, check the churches and mosque at Perak Road, walk back to Serangoon full of jewellers, and end at Belilios Road where you can grab a quick snack.



Little India 1

Little India 2

Little India 3

Little India 4

2. Chinatown

Nearest Station: Chinatown
Stroll through Smith Street, turn to Sago Lane and do a side trip to the Buddha Tootlh Relic Temple, and prepare an eco-bag because there’s lots of other streets to shop for souvenirs.


Chinatown 1

Chinatown 2

Chinatown 3

Chinatown 4

3. Bugis

Nearest Station: Bugis (or Bras Basah if you want to shop right away for supplies)
The holy freaking mothership!! This is where we were staying and couldn’t be any happier. Now where to start? Kampong Glam is full of murals, sightsee artsy buildings in Victoria Street, then Bali and Haji Lanes are the usual favorites–open cafes and bars fill these streets. Drop by Sultan Gate before walking down Beach Road and if you’re down for it (because you’re already walking so why not walk all the way right?), head to Bras Basah Complex to shop all things ~art~. Just be ready to burn all your money goodbye in Art Friend and Basheer Graphic Books! Maybe even walk further to Chijmes to refresh all those colors you’ve seen for the day with refreshing minimalist aesthetic.


Bugis 1

Bugis 2

Bugis 3

Bugis 4

Bugis 5

By this time, I had to go back to our hotel and refresh my sweaty eww self. Also, stupid me forgot to charge my camera the night before so just left it in our room. The next two places are a bit off the usual go-tos in the city, but if you’re feeling a little ~extra~, keep walking (and reading).

4. Tiong Bahru Road

Nearest Station: Tiong Bahru
Less colors, more story. Murals here have this life-theme going on with people in their daily scenes and a few realistic pieces along the road.

5. Everitt Road

Nearest Station: Eunos
The big piece here by Ernest Zacharevic is a must see! He’s painted a lot of murals in Penang, Malaysia–the ones you always see on Instagram. It’s near the corner of Everitt Road and Joo Chiat Lane.

I made an interactive map so you could check out the locations below, and just click on the upper left corner to view the details and itinerary.

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End Photowalk



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