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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Shelved Wishes

I was so excited exchanging emails with Raine Sarmiento, as she is one the artists I look up to. Her works always had a surreal, dreamy feel to them, often very feminine but also, empowering. So when I finally received a copy of their new project Shelved Wishes, I felt like a little kid on her birthday wanting so badly to open her present! 


Shelved Wishes is a set of five 4″x6” postcards by millennial visual artists Raine Sarmiento, Borg Sinaban, Rex Dasig Aguilar, Kevin Roque, and Sab Palmares. You might have heard their names or seen their art because their works have been in gallery exhibitions, hotels and restaurants, magazines, newspapers, and books, of which some were awarded by local government institutions, and were featured on print and digital media—both in the country and abroad. Together, this is their first collaborative project.

In Shelved Wishes, each illustrated their childhood dream and the never ending hope of these painted dreams turning into reality.


Away From Home

“Away From Home”
Rex Dasig Aguilar
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
This has so much texture in it and the night just felt so alive! I didn’t notice the river at first but after that, I couldn’t unsee the boat man. I love little details like that.


“Curiosity Emporium”
Sab Palmares
Medium: Felt tip pens and watercolor
Very Alice in Wonderland-y, which is one of my favorite animated films! Of all the places I’ve been to, inside my head is still the most exciting one.


Kevin Roque
Medium: Pencil on paper
“From what I remember I haven’t ridden a carousel in my entire life. Now that I’m already a grown up I know that I could not ride one anymore because it would kill the romance.” I find this piece’s write-up so personal. There’s so many things I tend to take for granted. I just find it both so dark but enlightening.

Ballet Class

“In the Ballet Class”
Raine Sarmiento
Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, and metallic ink on paper
Love all the colors as always! As someone whose favorite subjects are portraits, the rest of the body is just plain frustration. So instead, I love seeing others’ works on whole human figures and most of all, when they’re in motion. The tiptoe, the dress, the armband, the freaking tiles–you can sense so much effort and also, elegance.

Space Cowboy

“See You Space Cowboy”
Borg Sinaban
Medium: Digital
Surprisingly my favorite! Space and beyond always fascinated me. And yes, I believe in aliens. So much curiousity for worlds beyond our own, and at one point, going to outer space has been a lot of children’s dream, including my own.


Through their works I could feel a piece of “the dream” coming true and there’s that little rush of second-hand happiness. I would always be reminding myself to never stop dreaming esp on times I’m being too idealistic and my left side of the brain keeps tingling. I am in so much awe for how these artists kept their childhood dreams alive.

I wanted to do a lot of things as a child (and even until now). I was fascinated by a lot of things, and most of the time I was the curious but timid girl that every now and then gets a bloody scrape in her knee. Maybe in the next weeks I would illustrate my childhood dream as well and share it here.


You can get a copy of Shelved Wishes through Raine Sarmiento’s webshop, in Roots Katipunan (Unit 106 FBR Arcade Building, 317 Katipunan Avenue, Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City) or contact them via email (shelvedwishes@gmail.com)


Aside from the postcard set, I was also gifted other prints and stickers which I love love love!! Thanks again, Raine, for sending all of these over! Always a fan.

Follow Shelved Wishes and their stories on the following pages:
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Instagram – instagram.com/shelvedwishes


Stay Gold Lou

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