Louise Ramos | Art + Life Lately: January
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Art + Life Lately: January

January was a month of plot twists (like calm yo’self 2018, it’s the first month)

As per usual, I haven’t updated online much, but my offline life has been rolling (sometimes stumbling, most times me laughing-crying-hanging in mid-air) I practically started my year on the 2nd week. The first week was a free trial. And I’m actually hoping the whole first month of 2018 is.

I sat down and set goals, weekly tasks, things to improve on, things to accept. I was scared I wouldn’t have anything “productive” for the year, but come third week, most of my notes are put on hold and my life is going on detour. Not sure if my choices would bring about good things, but we’ll see, shall we?


I actually was able to check some things off, did the usual weekly errands, a few tasks moved to the coming month (I’m so sorry website, I still haven’t updated u), and I did a lot of art.

D Art

I’ve been trying out different art styles, hopefully, finding and sticking to something I like and is workable by the 2nd quarter of this year. Recently, I’ve been fond of digital work too. I used to hate it so much and bought a cheap tablet years ago just to try it out. I noticed though, it isn’t as bulky as when I bring all my paint and materials around so I’m liking it. I do have to paint again bec it’s something you have to constantly do or else you suck again, and I haven’t been doing it much so it sucks that I suck at it now lol.


{Feb update} Since the ad already went live, I can finally post it! My design for Toblerone is now up on a billboard in EDSA! Like WHEN AGAIN WILL I EVER!! Didn’t think I’ll get something like this so early in the year but HAHA TAWA KO NALANG YUNG KILIG. It’s for their Valentine’s #BeMoreImaginative campaign and you can spot it in electronic billboards in EDSA Orense NB and Guadalupe SB. Best vday gift ever <3


I’m also trying to improve my sketches. It’s the fool proof art I can do anytime (stuck in traffic self duh) because all I need is a pen and paper (even coffee shop tissue paper & receipt works). I signed up again for Skillshare and other online courses just to check out some techniques and how other people draw. My muse, obviously and shamelessly, has been Wanna One. Fanart is giving me so much life rn.

So that’s it for ~art~

On life, I will unexpectedly be working full time again in about a month’s time. Idk what I honestly gotten myself into. I think I just want to try out my undergrad field again. Try. And I need the extra money. (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) But I will continue doing art, and my business (I will have 3 stockists by next month and about 6 stores!! Watch me drown in emails and in a sea of packaging materials), and I even accepted a part-time job which came in after I signed my full-time contract (like y u have to make me suffer, universe?! u know very well how I’d hold on to anything I like)

I’m looking forward to sleepless nights in the coming months. But I’m not regretting my choices (yet). I like what I’m doing now so I think as long as I’m loving the work I do, I can continue doing it. Let the drive push me, eh? It’s hard when you want to do a lot of things and you’re just one person and there’s only 24 hours in a day, but it’s okay. I’m telling myself that so it will really be okay, lol. My brother says I’m a masochist, I like to think I just like challenging myself.

I feel like a game character rn and so far it’s “World – 0, Louise – 0”
but boy, am I ready to play.



Stay Gold Lou

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