Louise Ramos | Seoul in Photographs
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Seoul in Photographs

I miss writing. This is obviously a back log, one that is way waaaay overdue. But hello! I’m dropping in because I miss this space and the people I met here. I miss the non-240-character ramblings, the raw ones where I usually don’t care – where is that girl? And I’m timing myself right now (this may or may not be a sanity break from holiday preps). That maybe when my PC rings, I don’t chicken out and just fucking tap publish in the end. I’ll see. Maybe you will too. /This is an intro no one asked for because this is supposedly just me embedding a photo zine I realized I never shared./ So yeah, here’s my trip to Seoul in photographs.

If you’re here, you’ll know how much I love South Korea – kdramas, kpop, cushions and face masks – and I’m finally going back! When I booked my ticket, I wasn’t even thinking of it pushing through. I stopped looking at things in the long run because life always has a way of messing up plans. So why bother? I still overthink and plan a lot, but I learned to take things more day by day than I used to. I’m suppose to fix up an itinerary (and book) my stay in SoKor because it is just a week away, but I rather reminisce and tap on the keyboard right now.

Here’s a photo book of my last trip in Seoul. It’s one I’m really proud of but never really shared because I made it more of a personal journal. I finally was able to cut out some parts – the drama and my blabs and all – so you don’t have to go through my head, lol. I plan to go back to some places here, and then go to Busan – my baby Woojin’s hometown HAHA.

I’ll also be planning my 2019 while I’m away. And I’ll be going alone! I just hope I don’t hate my own company after. There is this love/hate relationship with myself, and I can’t possibly leave “me” alone once I get tired of it.

I have plans for this space next year (but I also said that last time and look where we are now – nowhere hah). So this time I’m not leaving any promises, but just maybe finally get stuff done. I will share my Japan trip before the year ends, though. Because that shit has been on my draft for months and I’m tired of it screaming at me. In one line: I went to the land of sushi and it did not disappoint!

Here’s to a good end of the year to you and me!!


Stay Gold Lou 

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