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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Tokyo in Film

Yes, this is quite the backlog. /Skip na natin yung MIA intro ko./
I’ve always admired analog shots despite not really being good with photography. I love the grains in each photo — how each can be so different, rugged, and never perfect. Like most things (and people) are.

This set is from last year’s Tokyo trip. It’s been a while before this that I’ve shot anything in film – thus most of my shots are blurred – with special thanks to my shaky hands.

Hotel View


Shibuya 2

There’s a few film photos I’ve already posted on Instagram – ones I’ve drawn over for my journal:

Film illus

I seriously have bad memory, and now I regret not blogging last year because so muuuch has happened and it’s just different – what’s in your head that moment in time. I plan to write more (or again) this year, so I get to remember these moments.

Sunshine City.jpg

We spend most of our family trip with solo itineraries. Lol, ang close namin di baaa? JK, we like being alone together (HAHA #LizQuen movie y’all), and just meet up for dinner to share stories and what we did and have dinner together. I love my fam for that! There was one full day I spent with my brother though. For video games! We used to fight over the Gameboy and as an “ate”, I win by default. Dark past: I was a bully to my brother and he was always and still is too kind.  We still have whatever is the latest Nintendo console but anyway, back to the present: I was practically being eaten by the wind in this photo – pero sige lang, picture pa habang may tagapicture ako.



Most of what I did is visit galleries, shop for art supplies (for me and some friends) and go cafe hopping! Sekaido is a dream and lock me there for a day and I will thank you. My credit card will not. The day I spent in Shimokitazawa was my favorite and I wish I had someone with me so I had more photos there.



Tokyo is such a fast-paced city. Capturing it in film helped balanced it out. It’s a breathe of fresh air knowing and accepting that there are things that take time. That not all things must or can be rushed.

I think I say for most people that Japan is a part of their bucket lists. But as much as I loved our trip, I never see myself living there. I do want to go back though. Here’s to hopefully posting more this year, more adventures, more photos that freeze time.

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