Louise Ramos | Notes 181206
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Notes 181206

I posted the shorter version of this in my Instagram late last year. It was pretty early for a year-ender post but the timing felt right. This one’s from when I just got home from a solo trip in Korea. I like to write when idle. Maybe I’ll post notes from my phone every now and then.

SoKor 1

On the ride home. Oh god, all I wanna do is sleep. You haven’t had any shut eye because you had to finish editing photos for work in the airport. You’re thinking if you should go straight to work because they’ll be shooting today. You’re tired but you missed so much. Missed – skipped; but also, long for. It’s nice how certain words mean so many things at once. I like it.

There are many things you like. You like Korea. As to why you liked this trip, maybe even loved it. I wouldn’t say this trip was life changing, but you know how you find left behind cash at the pocket of your jeans or in the corner of your purse – it felt just like that. I may have re-learned a few things about myself that have long been forgotten.

SoKor 2

Like I like watching what people do in their daily commute. I like iced coffee even if it means freezing my hands. I like waking up early and being the first one up in the room because I hate sharing a bathroom. I like being asked by strangers. I don’t like asking strangers. I like looking at maps. I love the beach! I like sitting down to write things like this — and mental note to do it more often.

SoKor 3

And to be honest, everyone right now is just trying to be somewhere or be somebody that we forget about where and who we already are. Always running, never caught up. We don’t realize that we already get to do things we like or have long wanted to do – be it mundane or big steps. It’s been a long time coming, you’re not there yet – you don’t even know where “there” is –  but at least you’re going.

This trip was done at the last month of the year, a time where people with small businesses like me work 24/7. This change of scenery was a mental and physical break because even if you love what you do, there are days when it gets hard, or just tiring. Doing what you love just means working more for it because you NEVER take that for granted.

I initially planned this trip to list down things I wanted to do and learn in 2019, but instead, I listed down things I liked and am thankful for this year. Things that are easily missed and forgotten.

Please don’t forget to do the things you like, and appreciate them. Be thankful for every day you get to do so. And on days that you don’t, remember that tomorrow may be a day that you will. Always hold on to that and work for it. (Always is also a safe word that you like. Forever is too far in the future. Always is in the now.)

Note to self: 2018 was a year of growth. 2019 will be a year of becoming.
And I hope that while you are “becoming”, you don’t forget to see how far you’ve come.

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