Louise Ramos | Free Downloadable Phone Wallpapers
Free downloadable phone wallpapers. When I can't seem to draw anything, I swatch some colors and brushes like how beauty vloggers swatch 'em lipsticks, and ta-dahhh... wallpaper dump.
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Free Downloadable: Phone Wallpapers (2020)

So I guess this is a thing. When I can’t seem to draw anything, I swatch some colors and brushes like how beauty vloggers swatch ’em lipsticks, and ta-dahhh… wallpaper dump.

Feel free to download them and have for personal use – as a phone wallpaper or for journaling. To be honest, I barely use any of it. My own lock screen is a rotation of K-pop boy photos that delulu me smiles at when I pick up my phone. A picture paints a thousand words especially if that picture is a selca of your bias. HAHA. I drew these mostly because I need to hear (or in this case, read) the words myself at a certain time.

Download the wallpapers here, or with the link below.


I also shared some free wallpapers last year. You can get those here: Free Wallpapers 2019.

[200907 edit: Added 9 new wallpapers in the same download link above. Got a few ones from the #idrawmyplaylist set and was able to sketch a few this weekend for some me time.]

It’s been difficult for me to make or do anything that isn’t work related. But slowly getting back on track. I think all the emails and virtual contact drained me. I’ve messaged more people in the past months for work than I ever thought I can handle in probably a lifetime. I’m beyond grateful for the handful of people whose phone notification don’t make me panic. Apparently, my introvert ass gets people-drained even through a screen. That and we’re xxx days into quarantine. I don’t know the numbers anymore. I just know it feels much worse than it was back in March. Oh 2019 BC (Before Covid), how I miss you so.

I hope you’re doing much better than I am. Sending virtual hugs while longing for the day we could really embrace each other again.

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