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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Art Lately: September

It's been a while since I posted stuff from my sketchbook. Or what my hands have been up to lately. It's just so hard to make time for things that matter personally, but not existentially--like those that reaaaally matter, lol. I find myself feeling guilty when I draw because I...


The Sunday Currently Vol. 33

This Sunday (this long weekend, actually) consists of me doing a lot of productive (?) things that stalls me from doing the real productive things that I need to get done. In short, I was once again ~semi useless~. Emphasis on just semi! So, what delaying tactics were up my sleeve...


#WRULou: Real, Quezon

Got a chance to go out with my batchmates before graduation (and before board exam review--which I'm doing on weekends now, and I want to put it out there: It sucks. HAHA *cries in a corner and dies*). Also, despite me being lazy af in even moving photos from my...


Currently Vol.29

How long since I last wrote my last TSC? Currently, my Sundays have been the same. Sleeping in. Doing nothing. I have more life in the weekdays. If my days were in bullets it'll be: sleep, wake up, eat, opens laptop, want to watch something?, checks WordPress, draw and paint...


Birthday Month Surprises #1

It's March--birthday mooooonth! Remember when I used to hate this time of the year last year. Yeah. Grumpy old me. Still a bit grumpy, still a bit old, but also turning venti-uno this time around so I'm legal to drink in the US (chos), but more than that, I have wew bigger things coming...


Five Favorite Bloggers

(Nagprapractice akong magdrawing ng 1x1. Chos.) So this is what I've been watercoloring on my free time lately. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs (and people) which are part of my life constants. These which I'm constantly refreshing by the day--hoping a new post comes up and I get...