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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Artventure: Vargas Museum

Before January ended, I took time to visit the museum nearest me--and by nearest, I mean just inside our school campus, UP Diliman. The last time I visited was maybe 4 years ago, freshman year, for a class (Art Stud) requirement. I pass by it almost everyday and never really...


Birthday Month Surprises #1

It's March--birthday mooooonth! Remember when I used to hate this time of the year last year. Yeah. Grumpy old me. Still a bit grumpy, still a bit old, but also turning venti-uno this time around so I'm legal to drink in the US (chos), but more than that, I have wew bigger things coming...


Thailand Photobook

Ending my Bangkok series with a photobook--which in 3 weeks, I'll have as a hard copy--like legit printed. Waaay excited for that! I keep it old school and have some my shots printed still on 5"x7" and stick them in albums; and the idea of getting them on just one...


Five Favorite Bloggers

(Nagprapractice akong magdrawing ng 1x1. Chos.) So this is what I've been watercoloring on my free time lately. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs (and people) which are part of my life constants. These which I'm constantly refreshing by the day--hoping a new post comes up and I get...


Currently Vol.28

My week has been busy. Had a lot of things to catch up on (and not just TV shows this time), then also had a few wtf episodes (aka flat tire when I had to thesis in an expressway, wew timing wew, but thank god for batchmates ♥️), and generally...



The flower that blooms in adversity Is the most rare and beautiful of all -Mulan, 1998 ...