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Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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Currently Vol.27

Long weekend! But I'm really on long weekend every weekend because I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but yeah, long weekend! Sunday spent at home is ♥️. Aside from my room (where I could practically live as a hobbit in), I can lazily spend all day in our side...


#WRULou: The Grand Palace, Bangkok

*drumrolls* *strut walks* *bows* Royalty for a day! A trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without visiting the Grand Palace. You just have too! And then you've got to gram a pic (or two or 3, ...


Feeling Peachy

11:19 pm. Body thinks it's still maybe 7. So, how are you feeling? ...


Coffee Shop Sessions 2: El Union Coffee

Before my last semester started, we had the chance to go on a mini road trip to La Union-- one of my fave have-to-get-away-from-it-all chill place. You might have heard of this quaint coffee shop from bloggers and writers like Abbey Sy, Mikka Wee, cool kids Samantha Lee, En and An Gonzaga, (so...


Harry Potter ♥️ Post (& Free Stickers)

Giving away downloadable stickers after this lengthy and sort of tipsy-or-am-I-finally-sleepy post. For free. I’ve been clingy with Photoshop and my tablet lately, and I’ve been making a lot of stickers—as part of my journal 2016 thing. Sobrang sipag ko mag-edit every 1-4 a.m. (body clock why?!) and now my notebook is full...


Currently Vol.25

I apologize in advance for what you're about the read. Rated GP. Girl Problems. Back from the dead, a.k.a. the time of the month I loathe people who breathes in the same room as me, and I spend a great amount of time scrolling over puppy pictures in Pinterest. Because it's...