Louise Ramos | Where Are You
Hello, I'm Louise! And I like to make things. I’m an illustrator and all-around-creative based in sunny Manila.
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#WRULou: Tangadan Falls, LU

La Union has always been known for surfing and that life-so-hippie-chill vibe. But if you're looking for adventure, a quick side trip to Tangadan Falls should not be missed! Hike up to the falls is a short and easy 45 min. trek; though if you're used to climbing mountains, you could...


#WRULou: The Grand Palace, Bangkok

*drumrolls* *strut walks* *bows* Royalty for a day! A trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without visiting the Grand Palace. You just have too! And then you've got to gram a pic (or two or 3, ...


#WRULou: The Wat and Where, Bangkok

When you don't really know where to go, you just go where your feet takes you. And it took us to see the Wats. (You can check my first Bangkok post: The Golden Mount by clicking the link or my other travel posts here.) After a few Magic-8-ball moments with our maps:...


#WRULou: The Golden Mount Bangkok

Before 2015 ended, I crossed a huge thing off my bucket list: do a cross-country trip. And I'm happy to have done it with a friend. We had no fixed itinerary, and it was more of an adventure rite or something of the sort than just another one of my trips....


#WRULou: Hong Kong Disneyland

Another one of my overdue photo diaries wherein I post pictures I filtered from my library post-event and indubitably left to rot in said library for months before my I'm-bored-I'm-opening-all-the-folders-in-my-hard-drive self rediscovers said photos and *cue bored music and grasshopper sfx* *tada* so here we are. [caption id="attachment_1541" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Oh haaai Tsing Ma...


#WRULou: Hong Kong Ocean Park

Here's another one of my Hong Kong Photo Diaries. Leaving, I kept on thinking "Holy sweet cheezus, I'm old enough to go on trips on my own, I'm freaking independent. I'm using up my savings and shit. So freaking mature." but who am I kidding?! I'm actually leaving for Disneyland...